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  • Los Angeles - Fritz Brown, ex-alcoholic private eye with a stained past, makes do with car repossessions and classical music. Then he is offered a case by Freddy 'Fat Dog' Baker, an eccentric golf caddy whose sister has made off with a much older man. This is the beginning of the nightmare: the underworld of golf caddies arson and incest played against the backdrop of an LA surreal by night and bad by day; of long hidden secrets that will drive Brown back to the bottle and to the gun: all conspire to make this one of the most hypnotic crime novels ever written.


    James Ellroy

    ________________________ ''Ellroy writes with raw power ... undeniably one of the most influential crime writers of our time'' THE TIMES ''a tangled fever-dream ... Ellroy offers a grandiose, Wagnerian vision of wartime LA'' SUNDAY TIMES ________________________ A brilliant historical crime novel, set in Los Angeles and Mexico during the pulse-pounding aftermath of the attack on Pearl Harbor. January, ''42. L.A. reels behind the shock of Pearl Harbor. Local Japanese are rounded up and slammed behind bars. Massive thunderstorms hit the city. A body is unearthed in Griffith Park. The cops tag it a routine dead-man job. They''re wrong. It''s an early-warning signal of Chaos. There''s a murderous fire and a gold heist exploding out of the past. There''s Fifth Column treason - at this moment, on American soil. There are homegrown Nazis, commies and race racketeers. There''s two dead cops in a dive off the jazz-club strip. And three men and one woman have a hot date with History. Elmer Jackson is a corrupt Vice cop. He''s a flesh peddler and a bagman for the L.A. Chief of Police. Hideo Ashida is a crime-lab whiz, lashed by anti-Japanese rage. Dudley Smith is a PD hardnose working Army Intelligence. He''s gone rogue and gone all-the-way fascist. Joan Conville was born rogue. She''s a defrocked Navy lieutenant and a war profiteer to her core. L.A., ''42. Homefront madness ascendant. Early-wartime inferno - This Storm is James Ellroy''s most audacious novel yet. It is by turns savage, tender, elegiac. It lays bare and celebrates crazed Americans of all stripes. ________________________ ''Epic crime writing from a master'' DAILY MAIL ''Ellroy is unique. There is nobody writing this way ... Nobody has done or is doing what he is doing'' BOOKMUNCH

  • 'ELLROY IS A UNIQUE VOICE IN AMERICAN FICTION' - JONATHAN KELLERMAN On 21 June 1958, Geneva Hilliker Ellroy left her home in California. She was found strangled the next day. Her 10 year-old son James had been with her estranged husband all weekend and was informed of her death on his return. Her murderer was never found, but her death had an enduring legacy on her son - he spent his teen and early adult years as a wino, petty burglar and derelict.

    Only later, through his obsession with crime fiction, triggered by his mother's murder, did Ellroy begin to delve into his past. Shortly after the publication of his ground-breaking novel WHITE JAZZ, he determined to return to Los Angeles and with the help of veteran detective Bill Stoner, attempt to solve the 38-year-old killing.

    The result is one of the few classics of crime non-fiction and autobiography to appear in the last few decades; a hypnotic trip to America's underbelly and one man's tortured soul.

  • Anglais Silent terror

    James Ellroy

    His crome span decades and cover the breadth of America. He comes and goes silently, invisibly, adapting himseld to the changing society around him. Martin Michael Plunkett - articulate, of genius-level intelligence, and a ruthless and deranged sex killer.
    Beneath his calm veneer, his mind is filled with raging voices that spring from the one defining moment in his life, a moment so shocking he has buried it for thirty years.
    Sentenced to life in Sing Sing prison, Plunkett begins his autobiographical memoir, an account of more than fifty killings, a trail of casual encounters and bloody slayings from West Coats to East that made him America's most wanted serial killer and its greatest enigma. His account will drive even those who brought him to justice to despair.

  • The Big Nowhere: In 1950s L. A three men are drawn into the shadow of communist witch hunts and violent killings that force each one to confront his own personal darkness. But none will be prepared for the maelstrom that awaits them. L. A. Confidential: L. A. Christmas 1951. Six prisoners are beaten senseless in their cells by cops crazed on alcohol. For the three LAD cops involved, it will expose the guilty secrets on which they built their corrupt and voilent careers. White Jazz: LAPD Lieutenant Dave Klein made the mean streets he works on mean. But now the FBI are out to get the cops who murder, bribe and beat to serve their corrupt careers and Klein is hung out as bait. Big fish leap at his throat - racketeers, narcotic kings and scum with skeletons they would kill to keep hidden.

  • Anglais Crime wave

    James Ellroy

    Reportage and fiction from the underside of LA. James Ellroy is a unique and powerful writer with a tough and explosive voice. His obsession with the dark side of L. A. is personal and vital, triggered by the murder of his mother when he was ten. This defining event spawned an early addiction to paperback crime novels, and Ellroy's own writing is saturated in an often violent underworld of bent cops, politicians, stars, sleeze and rumour. Ellroy exploits memory, history, fact and fiction with relentless energy and panache. What emerges is an intense, mythical version of tinseltown in the second half of the twentieth century.